IDS Group

IDS Group is known as one of the reliable garments and exporter manufacturer of casual wear in Bangladesh. Company started in 1998 and in a short period of 15 years, IDS has made a remarkable name and has earned a reputation in the market. Targeting at Retailers with high level of power of influence in clothing trends, the Company has strengthened its awareness with these retailers by developing collections with high product innovations, upgrading the garments made in Bangladesh .This is a moment of greatest pride that the Company has achieved strong level of trust and confidence of numbers of renowned brands in terms of product, ethical practices, innovation and management. With 55 millions Turnover, 15 million garments produced, 2600 machines, 7000 workers, and a brand new ETP, Company is ready for facing a new stage, to focus on different dimensions of the environment when making the business strategy. The key message associated is flexibility, reliability , design , quality and social responsibility . In the future, the Company is planning steadily expansion, with 38 lines production, and adding at the end of 2014 with 5 lines more, and 2015 40 lines more , and hopes to get 3.000.000 millions units capacity , by developing especial lines for denim and casual wear men, women, and children.IDS wants to move from a leading supplier of denim and casual wear to a top denim brand. Formed out of the entrepreneurial spirit, they want to be synonymous with authenticity and innovation.

Member Company of:
   1. 4-you clothing Ltd.
   2. Fashion Forum Ltd.
   3. Fashion-2000 Ltd.
   4. IDS Washing Ltd.
   5. IDS Embroidery Ltd.
   6. IDS Address Maker Ltd.